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A criminal investigation of or a criminal charge against an individual can be a very intimidating and uncertain time. The most important step they can take is securing seasoned and knowledgeable criminal defense counsel. At the Law Office of Rhett Braniff, we provide just that, along with the personal attention and compassion that we believe each and every one of our clients deserves. From day one, we are there to walk our clients through each step of their cases as they work directly with an experienced Texas attorney.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Our founding attorney, Rhett Braniff, has not only spent more than the last two decades in criminal law, but he is also a former prosecutor. With this unique insight into both sides of a case, he brings an advantage in defending his clients. Attorney Braniff has extensive litigation experience in the courtroom, having won multiple trials over the years.

In addition, he is a licensed insurance agent and can help with insurance fraud and white collar crime-related cases as well as all kinds of criminal charges, such as DUI/DWI, violent crimes, sex crimes and more.

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We invite you to take the first important step in reaching out to tell us about a criminal charge or investigation. We offer free initial consultations. The sooner you act, the better it is for your case. You can contact us online or call 512-518-2006.

Our Testimonials

Rhett Braniff is a stand up lawyer and confidant. I chose him because of his former experience working in the district attorneys office.

I was in quite a jam facing serious felony charges, Rhett went to work for me by negotiating with the DA for a lesser charge and lower probation time. He achieved what I wanted without even going to trial!! Rhett will keep you informed during the whole process so you do not feel vulnerable or in the dark. If you are in legal trouble I would definitely recommend Rhett to represent you in the court of law.



I was shocked and frightened when through an employment background check that I had 3 warrants for bond forfeiture from two misdemeanors and a felony four years ago. In a panic, I made the initial call to Tillman Braniff after 5 pm on a Friday afternoon. Lauren spent time listening and taking notes and looked up my situation and gave me a time on Monday when they would call back. When Brian Tillman called me back, he had researched and was knowledgeable of situation. He told me what he needed to learn with courts before he could determine the action to take and after he knew what they would have to do, then the fee was determined. At our first meeting, Brian was very specific of the service I should expect from them and what they expect of a client. During the entire process and in the court room on court dates, Brian and Rhett Braniff were attentive and always explained what was going on. I had excellent representation from Brian Tillman and Rhett Braniff. I also noticed the respect they received from their peers when we were in the courthouse. The result for me was dismissals across the board. I highly recommend them!